Will information about me be shared with others?

No, any information you give us is strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We place great importance on maintaining people’s confidentiality. The only time that confidential information may be shared is if we feel that your safety or another person’s safety is at risk. In this unlikely event, we would discuss the need to take action with you personally.

How many other people will be in the course/workshop/groups with me?

The average number of people on each course or workshop is likely to be 12-15. Our aim is to keep these small and friendly. The number in the peer support groups can vary from 5-10.

How accessible is the building?

We have a stair lift from the ground floor to the room where we hold our courses. All other rooms on the ground floor are fully accessible.

I’m not good with reading or writing. Can I still access the Recovery College?

Absolutely.  We design all our courses and workshops to be as accessible as possible. We can also support you to access courses that will help you with your levels of reading and writing.

How much does it cost?

The workshops and groups are free. There is a small charge for the courses and counselling which will be explained to you at your first appointment.

Will I get lunch or refreshments?

No – we don’t provide lunch but you will be able to purchase a cup of tea/coffee or a soft drink from our snack bar in reception.

Are there any age restrictions?

Anyone over 18 can access the Recovery College services.

Do I need to attend every session in a course?

We understand that there will be genuine reasons why, on some occasions, people will find it difficult to attend sessions they have committed to. In order to be considered as having completed a course, we will expect you to have attended the majority of sessions. Our team will talk through with you any difficulties you may be having in attending but we cannot guarantee to keep offering places on courses to people who repeatedly fail to attend the majority of the sessions.

How many course, workshops and groups can I sign up for?

There is no limit, but we do advise that you don’t sign up for more than you can realistically attend.

What happens when I finish with an activity

That is up to you! You can take a break or sign up for something new. We are happy to talk you through the other opportunities available to you in the Recovery College.

Who will I be learning with?

People just like you! Our services are facilitated by staff and volunteers with a deep understanding of emotional and mental health related issues. We keep the numbers small so that we can offer the most effective level of support to everyone.

Where can I park my car?

There is a parking restriction on the surrounding roads between 10-11am, so we make sure that all of our activities run from 11am onwards.   We do have a driveway but this is normally full with staff cars. If you need disabled parking, then please do let us know in advance and we will try to make a space available on our driveway. Please note, this may not always be possible.

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